Pickled Beetroot

DrygastDrygast, 2021-09-25

Homemade pickled beetroots.


  • Servings12 Portions


  • Prep Time10 min
  • Cook Time50 min

Homemade pickled beetroots that are excellent to do in the autumn when the beets are ready to be harvested. It is easy to make and requires no special equipment. It is perfect to do in the autumn when the beets are in season and can be found cheaply in the store. I always buy significantly more than I need because it is so delicious to eat bioled or oven-roasted beets with e.g. feta cheese and a simple salad.

Pickled beets are a classic accessory to many Swedish recipes in home cooking and for a "pyttipanna", it is a must! Or why not fry an "isterband sausage" and combine with strong mustard and beets? Making your own pickled beets will be tastier than purchased and you will also avoid various additives.

Use only glass or possibly ceramic jars to store the beets. The acid in the pickle liquid can cause corrosion damage to e.g. metal. If you have small beets, you can use them whole, but I prefer to slice them with a wavy leaf in a mandolin, which gives them that special shape that I like.

The pickled beets last for months if the pickle liquid covers them and the jars have been properly sterilized. Store opened jars in the refrigerator. They are best if they are left in the fridge for a few days before they are eaten.

Some variants
  • Add a few larger pieces of horseradish or ginger to the hot liquid.
  • Season with cinnamon, cloves, thyme, juniper berries, fennel or chili just to name a few.
  • Use chioggia beet or golden beet instead of red beets or why not mix?
  • Use the pickled beets to make beetroot salad.

Keep in mind that the nutritional value is calculated on all the ingredients, which in this case is a bit misleading as a large part of the sugar used remains in the pickle liquid and is never consumed.



Nutrition Facts*

 TotalServing100 g
Energy1491.64 kcal124.3 kcal89 kcal
Carbohydrates368.55 g30.71 g21.99 g
Fat1.17 g0.1 g0.07 g
Protein7.88 g0.66 g0.47 g
Sugar325.81 g27.15 g19.44 g
Salt6.03 g0.5 g0.36 g

* The nutritional information provided is approximate and is calculated using the ingredients available in the database. Info will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.


  1. Cut off the tops and rinse the beetroots. Try using beetroots of similar size.
  2. Put the beetroots in a saucepan, cover with water and salt. Cook for 20-40 minutes depending on the size of the beetroots. Use a test pin to determine when they are cooked.
  3. Pour off the liquid but strain it and save for later.
  4. Rinse the beetroots and peel under cold running water.
  5. Cut the beetroots into slices and place in a sterilized glass jar.
  6. Bring vinegar essense, the cooking liquid from earlier, sugar and white pepper to a boil.
  7. Cover the sliced beets with the hot pickle liquid. However, leave a small space at the top of the jar.
  8. Put the lid on while everything is hot, leave to rest at least a day before its time to eat.